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Upcoming Meetings

January Business Meeting, Tuesday, January 20, 2015

7:00 pm,  Mount Pleasant Library, 16th & Lamont Street NW  

ANC1D posts "Open Agenda" notes as the meeting time approaches. These notes, incorporating everything that is known to the Commission Secretary before the meeting, are updated as new information comes in.

Commissioners may bring new topics to the meeting, so these notes are not definitive agendas. Topics not on the notes may come up at the meeting, and topics on the notes may not come up, according to the decision of the sponsoring Commissioner.

next meeting notes (agenda)


2014 Officers

Chair: Adam Hoey
Vice-Chair: none
Secretary: Jack McKay
Treasurer: Jack McKay


2013-2014 Commissioners

1D01: vacant
1D02: Adam Hoey: adamanc1d@gmail.com
1D03: Jack McKay: jack.mckay@verizon.net
1D04: Phil Greiner: 1D04@anc.dc.gov
1D05: China Boak Terrell: china@chinaterrell.com







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